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Robert Bensh

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Energy is by far the greatest factor shaping geopolitics and geoeconomics today.

Nowhere do we see this so clearly as Ukraine, the wider Black Sea region, and Europe as a whole. The ultimate aim of this blog is to provide additional insight into the role energy plays–and should play–in determining the end game for Ukraine, as well as the effect this will have on the Black Sea region and Europe as a whole, and the role LNG will play in this region’s future.

Robert’s Bio

Robert Bensh is an energy executive with over 20 years experience, to include over 15 years of experience leading oil and gas companies and energy investments in Ukraine. Mr. Bensh is the Managing Director and partner with Pelicourt LLC, a private equity firm focused on energy and natural resources in Ukraine, as well as Managing Shareholder of Leadville Resources.

Ukraine Needs Modernization of its Own Oil & Gas Production

Speaking to UNIAN in Kiev, Robert Bensh says that Ukraine, which imports more than 50% of its natural gas, could turn the tables with help from Western technology.

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Western Technology and Ukraine’s Energy Independence

In a recent interview with Energy Oil & Gas, Robert Bensh explains how Ukraine could gain energy independence by using modern Western technology to develop its own oil and gas fields.

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